Monday, May 31, 2010

Gettin' Ready

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to do what you wanted to. This was not at all what we had planned to do but some how it turned into today's project. Photo Dude and I have talked about starting a garden since we moved out of our apartment four years ago. At the old house we never could decide where to put it so it never got done. This morning we woke up with every intention to do nothing all day. Then we looked at the plants I bought at the Flint Farmer's Market and we started talking about what to do with them (yeah that's a little bass akwards huh?). I got out some back issues of magazine's I have and all of a sudden we were spending the day doing this. It started with a trip to Tractor Supply Co. my most favorite store after Target and then to Home Depot (for the tiller) and to the local nursery. Today I'm going to show you just the building of the plot that my amazing, wonderful, exhausted husband put in for our family. Thanks so much for looking and if you have any tips for gardening I would love to hear them! Please remember we have never done this before and didn't really have a plan at all, we just dove in feet first.At some point in time the previous owners decided that they wanted rhubarb back here. OMG! That stuff is really hard to kill! I'm not completely sure that it is all gone but we tried really hard. The roots kept tangling up in the rototiller blades.Did I mention those roots? I never knew they could be so stubborn. I must admit I wonder if these are actually part of the tree that Photo Dude cut down.Photo Dude had sweat pouring down his face. He looked at me and said "I always wanted to use one of these things (rototiller) now I'm not sure why!" They make it look so easy on TV. He did say in retrospect that renting the larger rototiller would have been better but hindsight is always 20/20 right?We bought bags of compost at TSC and three bags looked like a whole lot in the store, not so much once we started emptying them over the new garden area.
Last picture for today. Photo Dude got all that compost added in and the dirt was a beautiful color. We found lots of worms as we were picking out debris so I have some hopes for this first time venture. Thanks for sharing our day with us. Next will be the fence he put up around this plot. See you soon!