Monday, July 15, 2013

New Furniture

Jeff and I went shopping this weekend at some of our local resale stores.  We have an area that we keep all our lunch boxes and lunch food containers in and it gets really messy and unorganized.  I really wanted to get this area under control before school starts back up.  This cabinet is huge and once we buy some baskets for the inside should work out beautifully.  When we bought it there was no back but Jeff put one on for me.  The store we bought it at was selling it for only $12 and then we got an additional 30% off it.  So for only $8.40 we got an amazing cabinet.

This is what it looks like with the new back and all sanded.  The wood was not in perfect shape so we decided that it would need to be painted.  We got the first coats on last night and as soon as it's all reassembled I will post final photos of it.  
There has been a lot going on here yet at the same time not much either.  Well I better head to the kitchen and get my bread ready for its second rise.