Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bad Summer

So have you ever had a season go totally wrong?  We have this year.  It all started with the garden the garden that I am too embarrassed to even show you photos of.  We tried to do a huge in ground garden instead of last years boxes.  Within no time it was just a hot mess nothing was neat and orderly at all.  It became ugly to me and I didn't even want to look at it let alone work in it.  Crappy attitude right?  It totally is.  To add insult to injury some of the tomatoes that fell last year planted themselves and the entire plot has been over run by feral tomatoes.  Really I want to weed wack the whole doggone thing and be done with it for the year.  Our plans for next year are already in the blue print stage with neat orderly boxes and hoop frames so we can get an earlier start.  I think that I'm going to snag up all the green tomatoes to make into a green tomato salsa I found and then start deconstructing the garden so I can at least quit trying to avoid looking at that part of the yard for the rest of the summer.  Man what a total bummer.