Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chinese New Year

     Ah so welcome to the year of the snake my friends.  As you can tell we are running about a month behind here.  To all of you who cook for your families every night have you ever just gotten to the point you want to scream?  I LOVE cooking for my family I enjoy figuring out the weekly menus for us and watching everyone smile when they see what's put down in front of them.  This year I am babysitting for a few picky eaters and for some reason in February they rubbed off on my very good eaters.  I was making meal after meal that no one would eat, comments were made about it being yucky and more.  If you have been with this blog for awhile you know that Chinese New Year is something that we celebrate everyone year.  This year it was my final straw I spent forever getting ready for the dinner then spent forever cooking it and the kids ate part of it and then threw it away.  I just went on strike after that.  After a very quiet week and a lot of grilled cheese for dinner here I finally decided that I would make dinners I enjoy and that Jeff enjoys and not try to cater to everyone in the house. 
Anyway here is the Ramen Bowl that broke the camel's back.  It isn't anything special Veggie Stock, Ramen noodles, Bamboo Shoots, Corn, Spinach, BBQ spare ribs from the local Chinese Restaurant and Hard Boiled eggs.  A quick easy dinner the only thing that took forever was frying the Sesame Balls they were very good.  I wish I still had the recipe but it was from a library borrowed cookbook.  Have a great week everyone!!!!

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