Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fence It In

After Photo Dude ran the rototiller back to the rental place he started building the fence for the garden. The fence will hopefully keep out things that don't need to be in the garden (like the rabbits that live under our pine tree) and it will also give the vine-type plants a place to crawl. At least that is the theory that we are going with here. The whole ordeal started with burying the posts for the fence we bought eight but ended up only needed six. The others are stashed in the shed for 'next time'. I do recommend buying the T post style posts. They are only about 60 cents more per post but are much stronger. Also make sure you get long enough posts. Our fence is 36 inches high so I bought the 5 foot 5 inch posts.

After the posts were dug the actual fencing stuff got wrapped around the posts. My job was to take photos and hand Photo Dude parts when he needed them. In hind site I would recommend on looking up how to actually put the fencing up. I kind of winged it a bit but it seems to be holding well.The bad part about this was our freshly turned dirt got compacted a bit.

At this point our new garden looked a bit like a small pig pen. Wonder if I can convince Photo Dude to buy me a goat instead of a dog? He did come up with a pretty cool idea for a way in and out of the garden. He has these S hooks so that the fence hooks on it self. This should work great as long as the kids don't mess with it I think. I used the S hooks for a cheap and easy way for a gate. I did leave extra length in case plan A does not work I do have a B and C plan but hope not to need them.

All done! Whoo hoo! Now the hard work starts I think.
This is Photo Dude. All of the comments I have added are in green. If you are just now finding this blog I would like to add a explanation of why my lovely wife calls me Photo Dude. My hobby is photography. Here is a link to my photo website.

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