Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh yeah!!!

Maria and I spent a day canning Bruschetta in a jar from the Ball Cookbook (post those photos later) and while we where waiting for everything to PING! she whipped this up fresh for use to nosh on! Have I told you that Maria is the most wonderfullest person ever?! She is and a damn good cook. Here is her recipe for the above yumminess (sorry for no actual amounts this is just the way she wrote it down for me).
Diced tomatoes- Romas are better because they are more hearty
Olive Oil
Basil- dry is fine but of course fresh is always tastier
Garlic- minced about 3 to 4 cloves
add all the ingredients together in a bowl and add olive oil to taste, throw in a dash of salt, and a touch of lemon juice to taste.
The toasty bits are french bread sliced thin. You take butter and melt it in the microwave (or anyplace else really hot). Mince up even more garlic and then throw it into the melted butter. Let it sit for a few minutes or as long as you can wait which for us wasn't long. Spread the butter onto the french bread and bake at about 300 until it is toasty but don't burn it.
There you have a good old fashioned recipe with no real measurements except to eyeball it and taste it to make sure it's all workin' out for ya'!
Happy Cooking

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