Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun Food Friday: 4th of July

Sorry! I am a little late getting to this week's Fun Food Friday. It has been a hectic week that went by waaay to fast!! And now a holiday weekend is upon us! So for this wonderful week I decided to make my flag cake. I make one every year! This years' turned out a bit different, but then again I never seem to do the same thing twice, even when I try to!

This cake is super simple and I usually make it one of two ways.

Sarah Lee's ready made frozen pound cake, or from a box. I have yet to learn how to make pound cake from scratch, but if you know how, go for it! Pound cake is one of my fave cakes, It is so dense and rich and...wel....yummy! And always goes great with tea. To make this cake you will need pound cake, whip cream(fresh or frozen...not from a can) strawberries, blueberries, and any other red and blue berries. I have just strawberries and blueberries.

When I make this cake using ready made pound cake, I get two of them and cut them into slices, like bread. Lay out one layer on the bottom of a cake pan, put a layer of whipped cream, mix of berries, and then another layer of cake , frost with whipped cream and use your red and blue berries to make a flag. Usually I halve the strawberries but my sue-chef (dunno how it's spelled) cut them this way. It still works hehe. This one I made from a box mix so it doesn't have the berries in the middle, which is how I prefer it. This is the lazy man's way. haha. So to compensate, I made a syrup with mashed strawberries and stevia, over heat with water to pour over the cake later.

Hope everyone enjoy's their fourth of July! I for one shall!

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