Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garden Update

Our garden has really taken off! It looks like a tomato jungle in there. We are very excited about harvesting and what we are going to do with the veggies. Sadly not all the plants have made it. All our pea plants kicked the bucket. We have a theory that the overhang from the tree in the neighbor's yard may have kept the vines from getting the proper amount of water. We aren't really sure though. The green beans do have some gorgeous buds starting, and every single other plant has flowers too. I think out of all the plants we started loosing only four in our first year is pretty awesome! Our Fourth of July tomato plant has over a dozen little green tomatoes with loads of other flowers on it just waiting. The tomato plant is gigantic! It is the one on the far right in this photo. Molly is 4' 2" tall and it is almost as tall as she is and the plant is far wider (although almost anything is). I'm a little bummed out that we don't have any red tomatoes on that plant because I thought that was the whole deal but there are at least fruits on it to keep us in good spirits about the rest of the garden. One last fun photo to share with you. Here are some brand new baby tomatoes! Aren't they just too stinkin' cute?

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