Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Ice

This is the best summer dessert I remember from growing up! We didn't actually have a name for it except watermelon stuff but that isn't very catchy is it? This was a recipe that my grandmother found in a magazine from 1955 and then when it was handed to my mother she changed it (it originally had raw egg whites in it! eeewww!) and when I received this I changed it further. I think the only things the same are that it has watermelon and lemonade in it. I have entered this into the contest on if you would be so kind please go and vote for my recipe, you do have to be a member but the site has loads of great recipes that you'll be glad you signed up anyway :) Oh and try the recipe too! It is super yummy, cheap to make and unbelievably easy.

Thanks Photo Dude for the lovely shot and putting up with me being picky.

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