Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning to Spin

     Yesterday was Photo Dude's birthday.  He gets the day off from work so we actually had a whole day to spend together just bumming around without the kids on a week day!  It was wonderful :)  Days like that are few and far between so we try to cherish the time we get when they do come along.  For his special birthday treat I made him cream puffs from scratch.  Oh dear they are soooo sinfully easy!  I found the recipe here at Tasty Kitchen.  At first I thought the puffs were too egg-y tasting but when I talked to my mom she just reminded me that I'm too used to the bland ones from the store.  These were very good and it only took one to get used to the fact they had flavor.
     But the name of this post is learning to spin isn't it?  Photo Dude and I are trying very hard to learn new things to make us more self sufficient (like many of you I'm sure).  I had told him of a drop spindle I had seen and thought he would be interested.  He spends a good portion of his work day twisting wires since he is an electrician.   We headed to Ewe to You yarn store in town to check it out.  We got a quick demonstration and Photo Dude decided that this is right up his alley.  He has a class scheduled for Friday night but you give a boy a new toy and he has to play.  We bought a $2 bunch of roving for him to destroy work with.   He found several YouTube videos to watch.  Ummmm I can't say that his first attempt was amazing but he got the general idea of it.  After the class Friday I think he will really get the ins and outs of how this works.  Now to convince him that we need Angora Rabbits for fiber!  That's going to be a little trickier.

 PS please ignore the mess, this is his desk area and unfortunately it gets neglected more times than not on cleaning day.

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