Monday, March 28, 2011

Are we chicken?

photo from the guide to raising chickens

Photo Dude and I have been seriously talking about getting chickens this year with our tax return.  The date of the return is quickly approaching and I think we are getting cold feet.  We have never owned a pet together (well except a cat named Pig but that only lasted a few weeks).  The whole thing seems a little daunting.  What if it gets too cold here in Michigan?  What if they get sick?  Can we really afford a coop?  Do we need the one we saw for $1,500 or can we get a smaller one for less and still be okay?  We only want about six chickens max because there is nothing saying we can't own chickens but there isn't anything saying we can either.  Any tips/reassurances would be greatly appreciated! 


  1. If you cannot take care of a cat, then I would not get chickens. Do you want them for eggs or to eat? If for eggs, you have to check for and gather the eggs everyday. Feed them and make sure they have water. Clean the coop every other day or so, because it does get very smelly. It is a lot of work. Check out the "Extra Virgin" show on the cable cooking channel. Debbie Mazar and her husband bought a 3 chickens. I am sure they will be showing re-runs. it is very interesting. Good luck

  2. have to say I agree with Bev,,,, I remember having to scoop poop as a kid at my grandparents,,, not a pleasant memory!!! You have to expect to get bitten too because most birds don't care to have your hands grabbing at their eggs. And wait until you try to eat them and the kids freak out!!! Here kids eat your chicky pets hahahaha, just had to toss that out there!!! luvya Jim

  3. Hi Erin,
    I'll add my 2 cents for what it's worth. Once you have the housing and run set up for your " girls" the keeping of chickens is actually very easy! You can check feed and water every couple of days, but if you want to enjoy your hens, visit them each day. They are a wonderful source of entertainment... We just keep hens for the eggs and to be more self sufficient. It's a great pleasure to collect eggs from the back yard. Three hens would keep you in more than a dozen eggs per week...Be sure to look for books at the library... Keeping Back Yard Hens is a good one and there are many more of late as it is the new craze among wanna be farmers!
    Have fun and keep us posted! YOU CAN DO IT!
    Deb ( Cottage Hen girl )

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone :) The kids were quite a bit smaller and the cat was crazy that's why he didn't last. Thanks for the tip about the show Beverly. We are going to do a lot more research before we jump in I think.


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