Thursday, June 2, 2011

Change of Plans

 This is what Photo Dude brought me home last night.  I took a look at it and said "what the heck is that"?!  Really like we don't have enough weeds?  He explained that one of the guys he works with brought him some strawberry plants that he had asked about back when it was still snowing out (ya' know like three weeks ago).  Photo Dude had completely forgotten about the request and we didn't have a spot planned for these babies so we had to make a change of plans for the big tubs.  The potatoes got pulled out and more dirt got added.  We picked out the six plants that looked the most likely to survive and put them into the tubs.  Some of the plants already have berries on them.  They were taken from a mature strawberry patch so we have hopes that these are going to be good growers. 
      We were gifted 12 plants total so the six that didn't make it into the tubs were placed where there box wood bushes when we moved in.  The soils isn't so good and has a bit more clay but the strawberries looked like they had been planted in clay before we got them so who knows maybe they will grow well enough that next year we can move them to a better plot. 
     Ugh.....  I just don't know what to say.  This year has been so bizarre we go from cold to hot then back again.  The rain has just not stopped for weeks on end at times, several times the lawn has gone for two weeks without being cut.  The low spot in our back yard is wet enough that we should have just planted rice.  Hopefully the next little bit will keep us dry enough to actually get the yard tilled up for the boxes. 


  1. If you plant rice,seriously I'll be in such awe. Just started following your process and I keep wondering why you would plant in a tub. Finally figured out that what you call a tub we call a bucket in N.E. Laughed for about 20 minutes before I could comment here.

  2. I would call it a bucket to, a large Bucket, but I have learned to filter what my wife says and understand her. Looking at it from someone who does not know her that is kind of funny. Thanks Jeff A.K.A. Photodude

  3. Thanks for following us! We have many things on the lists to do for following years I'm not sure if rice is really one of them but Jeff is pretty good about just listening and figuring out how to make my crazy plans work :)


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