Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Sewing

     I am by no means an amazing seamstress but I know my way around a few simple projects and it doesn't get much simpler than curtains.  Jack has needed new window treatments since we moved into the house but it always seems to get put off.  Finally I just couldn't take it any more and we headed out to the fabric store.  After a bit of debate over fabric choices we decided on robots on a black background (he wanted acid green zebra stripes!).  The black is working great to keep the light out of his room at night.  
      I started by washing and drying the fabric so that we didn't have shrinkage problems later.  Then the fabric got ironed out nice and neat and forgotten about for a few weeks (you can totally skip this step).  Then it got re-ironed when I 'found' it again.  Instead of using a ton of pins I ironed all the folds and then added a few pins just to make sure that things didn't get all wonky.  The seams on the sides and the bottom are 1/2 inch.  At the top there is a 1/2 inch fold under and then the pocket to run the rod through is 2 inches. 
      This is just one of those super cheap-y rods and I think it was in the room when we moved in probably with lace curtains.  The width of the fabric we bought was a perfect fit for the window but it doesn't have much spare I do wish that I had added a stripe or something at the bottom so that it was a little longer but I have no intention of ripping out all the stitches and Jack seems really happy so that is all that matters right?  Have a great weekend!

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