Monday, June 6, 2011

My New Bench

      We had some friends over on the holiday weekend to get ready for our Tang Soo Do test and decided to have a nice BBQ while they were here.  The night before the practice we realized that we lacked seating for our friends.  I asked Photo Dude if it was possible to use some of the fantastic salvaged wood we had in the garage.  Now please remember that Photo Dude is an electrician NOT a carpenter by any means :)  He is an amazing husband though that will pretty much always take my crazy ideas and make them work.  So he started playing around and cutting up the pallets for me.  He even got to use his new table saw that he got for only $40 at a yard sale. 
      Photo Dude used scraps of wood to make sure that the planks were evenly spaced.  He did tell me that if he were to do this project again he would probably build the X supports and then add them to the top instead of trying to get them into the proper place last.

I love the way the bench looks, it isn't anything too finished and if it gets knocked around it won't be ruined looking.  We (okay Photo Dude not me) are also going to try and figure out how to build a table with a flip top so that it can be stored against a wall in the shed.
Love It!!!


  1. Wow, I love how that looks too! I'm going to show my hubby, he does a lot of woodworking and building things like this. I'm always bugging him to make me things around the house :D

  2. Great job!!! Gotta love handy hubbies! :-)


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