Monday, May 6, 2013

It's looking Better

We are finally able to get some work done in the yard!!!  Whoo hoo!!!  Three of the boxes are laid in the back and we have on in the front yard too.  We are hoping to put in another box to the right and then three more in front of these.  By the house there is a huge area of white stone laid down that Jeff is pulling up and sifting the dirt out of the rocks and those will be getting put down between the garden boxes.  While he was working in the stones he found a bunch of stepping stones we didn't even know were there!  That area has been pretty neglected since we moved in.  

We had a wrap up meeting for the Service Auction committee at our house and Molly helped by getting the glass top of the table cleaned up and all the old chairs.  She is a huge help to us :)

I even got a little bit of transplanting done.  Our local nursery had their herbs on sale for only 99 cents each!  It was a total steal but we wanted to get them into some bigger pots because they were starting to look a little root bound.  
Now I'm off to call for dirt prices to fill in those boxes wish me luck!

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