Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday's Epic Fail

We have wanted to try and make hard cheeses for a while but haven't been able to get raw milk.  It is available but not an affordable choice for us.  While trolling around on line I found a website with a very simple cheese recipe that used pasteurized milk!  whoo hoo!  I found rennet at the local grocery store and thought that this must be good luck right?  Not so much unfortunately.  We followed the instructions exactly and thought once we got our 'clean break' after adding the rennet that we were in the clear.   I mean look at those big curds.  But alas that was as good as it got.  After that the whole thing went south.  I decanted the whey off in hopes to use it for ricotta cheese but even that fell flat!  I stared at the pots in my kitchen and was bummed.  Jeff reminded me that most of our experiments have worked so we've been pretty lucky.  Oh well now to the library to get a book and read up a little more :)

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  1. Hi Erin, great things come from failure...don't give up the best is yet to come.


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