Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Projects

It is so nice to have snow this year!  Last year we had a smattering here and there but nothing that ever stuck very long.  So far we have a good amount and it's staying cold (which I'm hoping means good sap running in the Spring).  Without much to do around the outside of the house I'm finding things to keep me busy inside like reading.  I can't wait to read Dinner, a Love Story  I love the blog it came from very much and I can't wait to bite into the book.  The other two books are ones that have been on my Amazon wish list forever.  I'm giving them a test drive before deciding to buy them.  We have so many books that I'm really trying to make sure that the new ones coming don't just have the same information as the ones already on the shelf.

I'm also working on another pair of socks.  It is the same simple toe up style that I've done before but I'm a quicker knitter this time around with a little more patience and a lot more experience.  I think this pair will end up a pair not just one lonely sock floating around the house mate-less. 

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