Friday, January 4, 2013

Yummy Honey

I found the ingredients for this delicious honey on this blog.  We decided we needed to try it since the entire family and the kids I babysit for spent the entire holiday break sick.  It is so unusual for any of us to be sick it was honestly a little frustrating.  So to the herbal medicine cabinet we go.  Gorgeous local honey, a nice lemon and a chunk of ginger root. 
 I used about an inch and a half of ginger and left it in decent sized chunks so that they could be fished out before going into someones tea or even for an addition to stir fry or soup. 

This is a regular pint jar we filled it to the 12oz line and then placed it in the fridge.  After about a week in the fridge we pulled it out and gave it a good stirring.  We added more honey to fill the jar and stirred that in too.  The flavor is incredible, nothing is too overpowering this can be eaten by the spoonful.
This will be the perfect thing to help get rid of the sickies! 


  1. Great idea. I put both in my tea. I heard that if you use local honey it will work better for you. Hope you are all feeling better.

  2. Luckily I think everyone finally has it out of their systems. We are so lucky we can get some great local honey I just wish we could have our own hives that would be super cool.

  3. Awesome Job on the Honey! looks fabulous and it should do the trick with keeping you healthy!

  4. I put it in my tea this morning and it is outstanding. Now we just need more honey.


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